4 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Vacation House

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Planning to buy a vacation house? MAKE SURE you read through this guide first! The very idea of owning an exotic vacation house has a glitzy charm of its own… Because who wouldn't love to OWN a home in a place where they can commune with nature, feel the fresh salty sea breezes, or view

Santa Rosa Beach Real Estate For Sale

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Developers hurry! Snatch up this beautiful 9.9824 acre parcel currently zoned for 2 per acre residential units on paved county rd. with public sewer and water. Jurisdictional Wetlands Assessment, attached in Documents, shows approx. 8 acres of uninterrupted uplands! The little finger of wetlands at the front of the parcel is a man made pit,

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Can we find a property just a walk to the beach for my price range?  Generally, a freestanding home South  of 30-A  will range upwards from $500,000 and Condos upward of $350,000. Q. Does the HOA allow pets?  Most allow owner's to keep domestic pets.  It varies for guest pets. Q. What is the

Thinking of making updates to your home before you put it on the housing

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Thinking of making updates to your home before you put it on the housing market? Or, maybe you’ve just bought your dream house and you want to put your own stamp on it. Even if you’ve just moved in, you want to start thinking about things like home value so that you know you can

How Do You Know When To Sell Your Home

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It can be hard to know when you’re ready to sell your home. Maybe you’re eager to move and find a change of scenery. On the other hand, maybe you’ve lived in your home for years or decades and it’s hard to objectively tell when it’s the right time to let go. However, timing when

4 Tips When Selling your Home

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It’s always better to be prepared for the costs ahead of you so you can budget properly. Selling your home is no exception. Though the point is to be able to make money before moving on to your next home, selling is itself quite an investment, and there may be costs that you weren’t aware


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Open houses aren’t for every home seller, but if you have the right location and a housing market that works in your favor, it can be a great advantage when it comes to selling your house. How can you be sure that you’re ready for your open house? Follow these tips before you start to

Tips for Buying Your Very First Home

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A real estate transaction needs good information for making wise real estate decisions.  You should have a licensed real estate agent as your advocate and the best source of information you need to make the right choices. When you are considering buying a home, you may need to hold off on any other major purchases,

A Beginners Guide to Buying Real Estate

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The good news in the real estate market is that there are thousands upon thousands of affordable properties out there. The bad news is that they're very difficult to find if you don't know where to look. In this article, you will learn some great tips about finding affordable, quality real estate that fits your

Hometown Small Business: Showcasing Nine Small Businesses

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Whatever the new normal may bring, it is more important now than ever to support local business. When we support a local business owner, we're supporting a dream! Here is a list of small businesses in our community that merit attention. Shrimpers Seafood Market Shrimpers Seafood strives in carrying the freshest seafood from the Gulf

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