Q. Can we find a property just a walk to the beach for my price range? 

Generally, a freestanding home South  of 30-A  will range upwards from $500,000 and Condos upward of $350,000.

Q. Does the HOA allow pets? 

Most allow owner’s to keep domestic pets.  It varies for guest pets.

Q. What is the rental history  or rental projection?  

Some Sellers can provide rental history and rental projections are available from most rental agencies.

Q. What is the age of the roof and mechanicals? 

This is often shown in a Seller’s Real Property  Disclosure, Public Records of Contractor Permits, or can be determined by a Property Inspector.

Q. What is the cost of insurance? 

We often request to see the Seller’s policy and request an estimate from a trusted insurance provider.

Q. Is the property in a flood zone and what does the flood zone mean? 

We refer to the FEMA Flood Maps showing if, where and how flood zones might impact the property.

Q. Does the Seller have a survey? 

Most Sellers can produce the survey used when they purchased the property and if not too dated, can be recertified to satisfy Title Insurance by the original surveyor along with a Seller’s affidavit that nothing has changed.  If there are changes to the property such as fence, shed, driveway, pool or patio, a new survey will be required by Title Insurance.

Q. Does the Seller have an Environmental Evaluation for the vacant land?  

Sellers sometimes provide one to justify asking price.  Environmental Evaluations show if areas of the land are impacted by environmentally protected plants, species or soils, effecting land use, thus value.

Q. How long will it take to commute to work? 

The distance and estimated travel time shown on Google Maps, adding the factor of seasonal traffic conditions gives us a range.