Thinking of making updates to your home before you put it on the housing

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January 16th, 2021,

Thinking of making updates to your home before you put it on the housing market? Or, maybe you’ve just bought your dream house and you want to put your own stamp on it. Even if you’ve just moved in, you want to start thinking about things like home value so that you know you can get your money’s worth from your new home. These remodeling projects will not only make your home more comfortable to live in, but will help to optimize your home value.


An outdated bathroom can be a turn-off when viewing a home. It makes a clean space feel dirty, whether it’s simply old tiles or it lacks some of the most recent conveniences. On the other hand, a modern, updated bathroom feels sleek and clean, making an exciting impression on prospective buyers that justifies a boost in value. You can simply apply fresh paint and caulking, update existing light features, upgrade shower heads and faucets for a newer and more current look.


Not all remodeling projects have to take place inside. Taking care of the scenery around your house is a critical part of boosting your curb appeal and thus, your home value. If your front lawn is too overgrown or bushes block your view from a window it is time to prune and start mowing the lawn regularly. Does your backyard look a little bare? Start planting a garden, whether it’s a traditional flowerbed or a more eco-friendly succulent garden. You can organize the landscape by creating a serene walkway or, if you feel like adding a water feature like a man made pool or a fountain and in the process consider how these improvement can create a pleasant vista to the inside, through a window.


Does your kitchen leave something to be desired? Maybe you need to add more lighting or update your countertops. Maybe you need more child-safe storage or more compact storage to leave a little more open space in the kitchen. A modern kitchen, like a modern bathroom, is an impressive draw to homebuyers and can make your home much more enjoyable and comfortable. You may also be able to make small changes that make a big difference, such as sanding and repainting your cabinets rather than buying new cabinets or changing the backsplash rather than just repainting the entire wall.

Door and Window Replacement

This is a remodeling project that can make a big difference. The windows and doors not only add style and function to your home, they have a strong impact on your home’s insulation and energy efficiency. If your windows and doors let in too much air, they can cause drafts and spikes in your heating and cooling. Though it may be costly, consider replacing wood windows and doors, with low maintenance, more durable and energy efficient options like vinyl, double pane windows and steel entry doors to see a substantial boost in home value.

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