Don’t Let Unexpected Home Repairs Break the Bank: A Guide to Managing Home Repairs

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  Owning a home comes with many responsibilities, including the maintenance and repair needed to keep it in good condition. Home repairs can be expensive, which can come as a shock to many homeowners who may not have anticipated such expenses. However, with the proper planning and research, homeowners can alleviate the financial burden of

Meet our new Real Estate Agent – Lisa Robertson

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Quest Real Estate Services Florida is proud to announce the addition of Lisa Robertson to their team of real estate agents. Lisa brings with her extensive knowledge and experience in the Florida real estate market, as well as a passion for helping clients find their dream homes.    As a retired USAF Veteran, she totally


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Understanding the Role of Human Activity in Shaping White Sand in the Gulf of Mexico Human activities such as dredging and coastal development can also affect the composition and quality of white sand along the Gulf Coast. Dredging operations can often remove large amounts of sand from beaches, which can disrupt ecosystems and reduce beach

Where to Find Dolphins on 30A

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If you’re a marine lover, you’ve likely been searching for a dolphin in the ocean or on the beach. Dolphin hunting trips are a must for anyone who enjoys the sea, and they are often accompanied by boats. These types of animals are playful and intelligent, and they can often be found along 30A. There

Tips for Stress-Free House Relocation With Children

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Relocating with children can be a pain if you don’t plan well. In addition to the chaos of packing, children will be forced to wave goodbye to their teachers, friends, and the comfort of their community. This can be difficult for them as they have to adjust to the new home and make new friends. To make

The Beautiful Beaches of South Walton (Part 2)

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The South Walton Area is nationally recognized for its breathtaking beaches, history, and culture. As with most places on the coast, the beaches really tend to steal the show for tourists coming from landlocked states. In continuation from our recent article, The Beautiful Beaches of South Walton, we will now bring a couple more delightful

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