Tips for Stress-free House Relocation

Tips for Stress-Free House Relocation With Children

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January 25th, 2022,

Relocating with children can be a pain if you don’t plan well. In addition to the chaos of packing, children will be forced to wave goodbye to their teachers, friends, and the comfort of their community. This can be difficult for them as they have to adjust to the new home and make new friends.

To make this process easier for them, maintain the same schedule and plan some fun activities in the new home. For children from military families, the difficulty in relocation is especially acute. First, military families move more frequently and they also move greater distances. Here are tips to consider to make moving with your children as stress-free as possible.


Hold a Family Meeting 

The first thing to do is to bring everyone closer to the idea of moving to a new state or neighborhood. You can hold this conversation over dinner. If you’re moving because you got a job promotion or any other reason, tell your children you look forward to the new challenge.

Explain to them why you accepted this idea and how it can impact the family. Always encourage your children to express their feelings, especially on decisions you make that will impact their lives. Also, help them understand you depend on their help to make it easy to move.

Research the New Place 

It’s vital to have information about the new place. Research about the community, neighborhood, and town. Share your findings with your children, and you don’t need to make things sound wonderful.

Be honest and provide matter-of-fact information, which can be helpful in the long run. Also, encourage your children to research the neighborhood, looking for information like crime statistics, schools, social amenities, etc.

In case your budget is not big enough to move to a new state, you can count on family and friends from the area you’re relocating to. For the first days, you could request them to host you while you research the neighborhood for housing options and local employment.

If you have a pet, ensure your friends or family can offer accommodation. In the research process, use a platform like Quest Real Estate Now to search for properties you can afford.

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Do a Site Visit 

Take your children to the new place for a site visit. You could spend the day doing a walk-through around the neighborhood and touring houses. Visit the local library and explore amenities your children will enjoy in this area.

Also, consider the most convenient schools your children can enroll in. If you finally find a good home, but you don’t have sufficient funds, you can opt for conventional mortgages, which come as low-cost loans that include down payment options. Also, you can opt for an adjustable-rate or a fixed-rate loan. If you can raise at least 20% of the down payment, you could get approved without mortgage insurance. Check the home mortgage interest rates to ensure you can adjust the amount into your monthly budget seamlessly.

Make Room Plans 

To ensure your children are excited about moving to a new home, you should make room plans. You can involve them in choosing the layout and ideas for decorating the new house. Visit the hardware together to buy paint swatches, and if you need new furniture, involve your children in choosing items for the new home. If you have teenagers, set a budget, then allow them to handle their own rooms, including picking linens, colors, and furniture.


The moving process can be exciting or painful, depending on how you plan and execute it. Ensure your children are involved in many of the steps, including site visits, choosing decorations for the new home, and exploring the neighborhood.



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