Lessons Learned from Hurricane Ian

Lessons From Hurricane Ian: Prepare For All Disasters With An Inventory

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October 14th, 2022,

We have all seen coverage of wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters. The news coverage usually end up with homeowners asking, “Where do I start—everything is gone!” Losing a home in a fire, flood, hurricane  or earthquake maybe the most devastating experience a homeowner has to live through. But you can make recovery easier by preparing an inventory beforehand.

Lessons Learned from Hurricane Ian

Coming up with a list from memory of all your possessions after a loss is nearly impossible. Collecting on all your losses is important but you need “back up.” That is, you need proof that you have the covered items. These tips work for renters, too. The easiest way to start with the basics is by downloading this comprehensive PDF from Allstate Insurance. The best way is to do an e-inventory using smartphone apps. There are several highly rated ones, and a review of the best ones can be found online.

Please note that compiling an inventory is most likely a multiday effort because you want a complete list of ever insurable item. Take your time and get it right. Be sure to update the data regularly as many homeowners and renters are always adding to their household items. Meanwhile, we’ll have more insurance tips in the future.


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