Why You Should Have a Home Inspection BEFORE Listing

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August 4th, 2019,

A home inspection is a natural part of the home selling process. Most home buyers will require a home inspection before they buy the home to be sure what they’re getting into, and some might be willing to pay for the home inspection themselves if they really like the home. So why would you bother having a home inspection before you even list your home? Yet many sellers do find benefits in getting the home inspection first, in terms of earning the home buyer’s trust and helping the sale go over more smoothly.

A Gesture of Transparency

It’s one thing to agree to a home inspection in order to sell your home. But if you get a home inspection before you even list the home and have those results available for potential buyers, it shows that you have confidence in the home you’re listing. You have nothing to hide. It’s a great way to show the homebuyer that you’ll be open and transparent throughout the process of the sale and not only when it benefits you.

A Clearer Picture

Most sellers know that they’ll have to make updates to their home before they put it on the market, just to ensure that it’s able to be competitive in today’s housing market. But you might not know all that needs to be done with your home before a home inspection. A home inspection will give you a clear and honest look at the state of your home, and you can make updates from there. This is also a great sign to prospective buyers. Not only did you have the home inspection well before you needed one, but you made all the necessary repairs and updates yourself, so it’s less work for them.

Pricing Your Home

The housing market is constantly fluctuating, based on changes in your neighborhood, your community, and even advances in home appliances. The market rate of your home can also be affected, of course, by the state of your home. A home inspection will tell you what shape your home is in and that, compared with the current housing market, will give you a good idea of a fair listing price for your home — and one most likely to get it sold quickly.

More Time, Faster Sale

If you have a home inspection done before listing your home, you can take as much time as you need to make any updates or repairs. That means you can choose the contractor you prefer, rather than having to choose the cheapest or most available contractor in order to finalize the home sale. Having a home inspection done before you list your home will also help the home sale to go through more quickly and smoothly. It won’t be held up by having to arrange a home inspection or repairs before finalizing.

Do you think having a home inspection before listing could be the right choice for you? Contact a Realtor today for help in the most efficient way to sell your home for what it’s worth.



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