About  Lisa Robertson

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Lisa, the daughter of an Army Veteran, was born in Augsburg, Germany and grew up near Hershey PA.

Lisa, retired USAF, served 22 years in the US Air Force as a medic, a recruiter and was deployed to Manas Air Base Kyrgyzstan. Likewise, Lisa’s husband, Mark, is a retired USAF Veteran having served as Chaplain. Lisa and Mark are now empty nesters and love living, in Hammock Bay, Freeport Florida with their German Shorthaired Pointer, Jackson.

Lisa serves on the city’s Planning and Review Board for urban development and other community organizations. Freeport is the fastest growing city in Florida, and she keeps abreast of what is happening! For her excellent understanding of the real estate market for short-term and long-term rentals, Lisa became a “Super Host” for Airbnb and in 2015, was appointed to speak on behalf of short- term rentals about legislation being presented to the Florida House of Representatives.

As a veteran, and military retiree, she totally understands the challenges of military families and has a sincere desire to help. Having lived in the Panhandle for 15+ years, Lisa knows where to find you just the right home, community, retirement destination or investment opportunities.